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Online Books Make Unique Gift Ideas

Updated: May 1

Online books can make unique gift ideas for people of all ages because there is such a wealth of knowledge and entertainment in the power of the written word. In this modern electronic age, e-books are easily accessible via many devices, making them much more affordable than hardcopy books and easy to transport, particularly if they’re accessible from a mobile phone. The days of having to carry a heavy book or have a kindle device are long gone. These days, free apps are available to download to a variety of devices, including laptop, desktop, mobile phone or tablet, which means you carry your e-book selection around with you for access whenever you have some free time to enjoy a good read.

Online books can also make unique gift ideas for that person who either has everything or is difficult to buy for because you’re not sure what they do or don’t have. As long as you know enough about them to understand their interests, there is an online book that will appeal to those interests.

That’s where we’ve made it easy with this site, separating the online books into just a few key categories and limiting the number of books in each category. There’s nothing more frustrating than going to an online bookstore and finding thousands of books in multiple categories – that just adds to the confusion of deciding what to buy for the unique gift ideas. Such online bookstores also have many books that are simply not well written or are not worthy of considering as a gift. We’ve tried to simplify things for you, vetting the books we list on this site to weed out the ones we think don’t make the grade.

If you’re looking for unique gift ideas for that special person, check out the categories on our home page for the online books listed under those categories. While there, you’ll likely find something that appeals to you also. The beauty of e-books is that they’re low cost, so you can buy for your friends and family and grab one for yourself at the same time.

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