Why are there not more titles to choose from?

We’ve tried to keep the selection to a few relevant titles per category, making it easier for you to choose without having to spend hours wading through multiple choices to spot the gem. With other online bookstores, the selection is often so vast that great books often get lost in the crowd of so-so books. We’ll be adding new worthwhile titles as we find them, so check back frequently.

Does the recipient have to have a kindle book reader to view the gift?

No, the e-books come in multiple formats, including epub, mobi, pdf and other formats. There are free app downloads for most reader files – just do a search on google for the free apps of your choice:

Will there be other categories added to choose from?

Yes, we’ve started with a few to get the info out there. We’ll be adding categories and relevant books as time goes on, so check back frequently for the updates.

Can I suggest an e-book to add to your site?

Sure, let us know your preference. We’ll need to vet the title first, to ensure it’s worthy of displaying and if it’s in a format that is compatible.