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Vitamin D and Autoimmune Disease


Health, Self-Help


Out of all the so-called best vitamins for immune system support, vitamin D appears to be the best immune system booster. Researches of autoimmune disease treatment options have shown that while the official published guidelines for vitamin D are adequate for preventing rickets, higher vitamin D levels are associated with a significantly reduced risk of developing many other diseases. This book describes the details of how autoimmune diseases can develop by exploiting certain features of our immune system.
Experiments show that immune system supplements, especially vitamins for immune system like vitamin D, will boost and strengthen your immune system. Researchers are discovering more and more evidence that vitamin D deficiency is associated with virtually all of the most serious disease risks that we face today. Suggestions of how to improve the immune system can be as simple as taking larger doses of vitamin D. However, the correct dose is important – this book gives guidelines for helping to determine your own optimum vitamin D level.