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The Sorcerer's Secret




The Sorcerer's Secret, a fantasy book that is book three in J.A. Areces' fantasy saga The Salem Concord, picks up where the book “The Secret Society of Seven Sorcerers”, left off.
In this series of fantasy books where the wizarding world interacts with society, there are forces in the wizard world seeking to breach the Salem Concord and cause another Witch War. The last thing that society needs is witches of the craft casting their witch magic on people. Witch craft had been banned under the Salem Concord, but the rising forces are determined to reintroduce the witches spells on our world.

In the Sorcerer's Secret, Jesse Alexander reluctantly ventures deeper into the wizarding world and discovers that the Wizardry are obligated by the Salem Concord to live in secret - a secret that history altered in order to stop the Salem Witch War.