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Inspirational Quotes on Life




Inspirational quotes on life help remind us to trust in our destiny, giving us the courage to face whatever comes our way. These inspiring quotes, particularly wise words of wisdom quotes on life, can change our attitude and mindset, so that we view things in a different light.
This is a book of inspirational quotes that inspire us by focusing attention on things we already know, or at least sense. It might be fun to dial back a notch and simply call them “reminders.” They are illustrated and presented as short inspirational quotes of wisdom to remind us of our inner power. Sometimes we forget how powerful we are, and it takes good quotes on life, words of wisdom quotes to bring us back on track.
Enjoy the inspirational positive quotes or simply enjoy the beautiful illustrations – either way you’ll be uplifted. There is a short inspirational quote with each illustration and also inspired quotes in the extended commentary. So, if you’re in a hurry, you can glean the brief quotes and inspiration or, when you have more time, read the extended commentary that include more quotes on inspiration.
“You have escaped your cage. Your wings are stretched out. Now fly.” ~Rumi