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Ancient Prophecy, Future Visions


Spiritual, New Age


One of the most popular search terms on the internet these days is “predict my future”. Throughout history, there has been a general fascination with future predictions and yet, there is an ancient prophecy that appears to have been incredibly accurate over the centuries since it was first written.

Not unlike Nostradamus’ quatrains, these prophecies are loaded with symbolism and vague terms th at make them hard to decipher. However, it seems like it’s almost like a time capsule, waiting for the opportune time for the secrets to be revealed. Ancient Prophecies, Future Visions presents a controversial expose of those revelation prophecies that will likely cause an uproar from many quarters.

Another common search term these days is “when will the world end”. Very few of the people searching that term would consider revelation end times prophecy because of the religious connotations. However, traditional interpretation of biblical prophecy has been slanted too heavily by religious zealots who would find it hard to believe the interpretation found in this latest modern-day book. The majority of everyday people would likely never consider biblical predictions and prophecy of the end times because of the way it has been presented up until now. Ancient Prophecies, Future Visions gives an easy to read, although provocative alternative interpretation of bible prophecies that will likely shock you. Keep an open mind – this is bible prophecy like you’ve never seen, a glimpse of our possible fascinating future.