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Aaden BlueStar Awakening


Science Fiction, Young Adult and Teen


A blend of spiritual and science fiction, this is not just a book series for young adults, it’s also a great choice when considering teen gift ideas. The environmental theme is something younger people are concerned about – the worldwide climate-change demonstrations by students around the globe in recent years has proven that.

When considering best gifts for tweens and top gifts for teens, young adult books that incorporate scifi and time travel, blended with climate change solutions, has a special appeal to younger readers. Aaden BlueStar Awakening is about a seemingly ordinary teen who discovers his other-worldly superhuman powers and his mission to help save our world from climate change impacts.

Science fiction books and novels online with time traveler themes have proved, not only to be best books for young adults, but also best tween gifts and best gifts for teen boys and girls alike. The positive feedback from girls has been just as strong as from boys. The key characters are Aaden, his sister Tiffany and their best friend Fleur, all of whom play strong roles in getting the environmental message across.
In recent years, sci-fi books for young adult and particularly space travel novel books are also popular with teen girl and boy readers, who relate to ecological and climate change messages to help save our planet … Aaden BlueStar Awakening!