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Ideas for gifting can sometimes be daunting, particularly with mens gifts or teen gift ideas. However, a novelty gift idea might be as simple as an online book that piques their interest. Everyone … women, men, teens and tweens, can find something that interests them.

Download books might seem unusual gifts for men and teens … but consider their passions.

A physical gadget might be a novelty for a short time, but knowledge will always stimulate their curiosity and creativity. Unusual gift ideas can be solved by a variety of e books, providing the perfect gift for men, women, teens or tweens. 

With unusual gifts or unique gift ideas, online books might just be the perfect answer, particularly when the subject matter is in line with the person’s interests.


It doesn’t necessarily mean physical books to read – there are many cheap books online that can be read from a phone, kindle device or tablet, a laptop or PC. 

When searching for unique gifts, always consider the online bookstore.

Consider their interests and check out the books listed here:
  • 7 Simple Rules of Weight Loss

    Weight Loss Tips for the Best Weight Loss Programs

  • Aaden BlueStar Awakening

    A Time Traveler Presents Climate Change Solutions to Save Our Planet.

  • Ancient Prophecy, Future Visions

    Predictions of Our Future from Ancient Prophecies

  • Guide to Getting Gorgeous Skin

    Natural skin Care Manual

  • Inspirational Quotes about Positive Thinking

    Wisdom Quotes Illustrated 3

  • Inspirational Quotes on Life.

    Wisdom Quotes Illustrated 2

  • Is There a Cancer Cure, Options How to Cure Cancer?

    Healing Cancer Naturally with Cancer Diet, Cancer Fighting Foods and Alternative Cancer Treatments.

  • Natural Skin Food

    Beauty Skin Care with All-Natural Skin Care Tips for Beautiful Skin and Antiaging Skincare.

  • Reloaded_Natural Hair Loss Secrets for Safe Effective Hair Growth

    Tips for Best Hair Growth to Combat Male and Female Hair Loss

  • Rise_A Call to the Light Tribe

    Personal transformation leading to spiritual awakening

  • Self Sufficiency Survival Living Off the Grid

    Wise Emergency Food Storage and Survival Foods for Off Grid Living and to Help Survival Preppers Live off Grid.

  • Star Bred Prophecy

    Thought-Provoking Questions About the Prophecies of the End Times, Metaphysical Spiritual Extraterrestrials...

  • The Blue Star Millennium

    A Scifi Adventure Where a Metaphysical Time Traveler uses The Akashic Records to Help Save Our Planet.

  • The Salem Concord Book 2 - The Secret Society of Seven Sorcerers

    A Fantasy Book Series about Magic in the Wizarding World

  • The Sorcerer's Secret

    The Salem Concord Book 3

  • Wisdom Wellness Diet and Health

    Health Wellness with Easy Yummy Dinner Recipes and Ideas About Eating Healthy Foods With Optimum Nutrition...

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